Welcome pilgrim

Welcome pilgrim

This is the account of a pilgrimage, three generations, returning to a first adventure, to a birthplace, and to deeper knowledge of each other. I am Jonathan Rusk and I am from Phoenix, Arizona USA. I was born in Formosa, Argentina while my parents, John and Rebecca, were young missionaries. We left when I was less than two years old and this is the first time we've been back, almost 40 years later. Our plan is for three generations, my dad, myself, and my son Anthony, to visit Formosa and to explorer along the Rio Paraná from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires. We have our first two nights booked but the rest...

This account will include photos, stories, and thoughts, not necessarily related to our pilgrimage.

Oh, and we'll honor my mom, who's pilgrimage ended too soon.

El Peregrinaje del Rio Paraná: the pilgrimage of the Parana River.

Additional photos posted here.