Oh what a first day home!

We saw or experienced: the city where I was born, the clinic where I was born, my parents apartment when I was born, the church they worked as missionaries, the corner store where my dad has a particularly fond memory, got kicked out of a border crossing area (very gently 'kicked out'), got invited to an evening church service by someone who remembers my parents from 1974, attended the service (a full but mini size church built into the back of someone's house), sang spirited hymns in Spanish, my dad and I each gave greetings and quick sermonettes, participated in a communal Bible reading, met people after service that held me when I weighed 6lbs, accepted the pastors' invitation to enjoy dinner with their family in their house, had some lively discussions over homemade pizza and Coca-Cola, traded social-emails-numbers, got a lift back to our room via a 45 minute tour of a cool new area of town, and took some group pictures to share our memories. They dropped us off at 12:45am.

Boats on the Rio Paraguay, this is the area where we got kicked out.

Store my dad remembers where he bough Sieta-Arriba rather than Seven-Up.

Selling bread on the street.

Cars drive around with horns or speakers playing announcements. We heard these in Asunción too. Here's a sound clip from Formosa:

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Bromeliads growing on sign, Lapacho trees in the background (Handroanthus impetiginosus).

Lapach tree in city center square.

Our family's old church.

Finally we get some dulce de leche ice cream.

Kiosko at siesta (little stores).

Mates for sale at a street vendor.

Orchid Tree flowers (Bauhinia var.)

Unidentified (by me) plant growing on the edge of the river.

Dad check out one of the first non-BMW dual-sport bikes we've seen.