Going is a state of mind.

When applied to our lives, to go and its close cousin to do are a state of mind. Going is an attitude plus doing.

You need a job. Do you go to one interview or do you keep going until you have a job?

You like to travel. Do you go on one trip or do you keep going on trips?

Likewise every day is full of little and big examples like this.

I've always wanted to be a bit like Indiana Jones. I daydream and hope for adventure abroad. But everyday I behave the same way and it is not adventurous. I have so many opportunities for small adventures all the time. But since they are not swinging through the Amazon jungle I ignore them.

Then years pass and I keep waiting and doing the same. Now my state of mind is to wait, overthink, doubt, and criticize. It is not to go nor to do.

As the poet Pete Seeger sang "my get up and go has got up and went."

Go Geographic is my challenge to change and to learn about people's ability to change. And to do this requires going into the world.