Getting there

Getting there

We left yesterday, August 02, 2016. We flew from Phoenix to Atlanta and as I write this we're landing in São Paulo, Brazil. After a few hour layover we'll fly to Asunción, Paraguay, which is our first destination.
Long flights over night in sardine-class aren't fun. It's about 8:00 AM local time, 4:00 AM Arizona time. I watched a couple movies and I guess I slept a tiny bit. I feel better than the last time I overnighted it.

São Paulo airport

We had to go to the international terminal, through security. Anthony had his Leatherman knife confiscated. He thought he packed it in his checked luggage; apparently not.

Duty free prices were very high ($14 for a pen that says Brazil or Rio on it) and there was hardly any mention of the Olympics anywhere.

Listen to the airport:

To Asunción

We flew on a 737-800 plane, airline GOL - Linhas aéreas inteligentes. They sprayed insecticide in the air after the doors shut. An anti-Zika virus thing I'm sure. They served coffee in a small styrofoam cup with a packet of instant coffee. It's called Cafe Pele. Everyone on the plane clapped joyously the moment we landed.