$125 wash

We all packed light, one medium to small suitcase and one backpack or similar each. This makes us quick and nimble to get around, speed through customs, ride buses or planes, etc. But this means that we don't carry enough clothes for the duration of our trip. While in Posadas we washed our clothes in a $125 Patriot 56 RB, a "semi-automatic" washing machine. You put your clothes in, use a bucket or hose to add water, add detergent, and turn a dial to set a timer to wash the clothes. When it's done it has a hose that you lower to gravity drain the water. Drying is manual, line-drying. Here's a how-to video:

Here's a photo of some of our clothes drying. We didn't have enough time so we had to bake most of them for a while in the oven.

Our clothes are clean.